10 Tips For A Brighter, Whiter Smile

The Squad January 29, 2014

tumblr_lpzvqprL1A1qg22hlo1_500It’s my personal opinion that a beautiful smile is one of the most important physical attributes a person can possess.  On the flip side, when you see someone who doesn’t take care of their teeth something just seems off.

Well, people ask me frequently what I do to keep my teeth so white,.  They’re always convinced that I bleach them, even though I haven’t bleached my teeth in years.  So I’m going to give you my personal tips on how to keep your teeth brighter and whiter, and how to attract people with that smile!

1- Brush your teeth twice a day.  One would think this goes without saying, but it’s still important.  I can not stand when I feel plaque on my teeth, so sometimes I’ll brush them even more often.  Don’t feel limited to after breakfast and before bed when it comes to taking care of your pearly whites!

2 – Use a good, whitening toothpaste.  My teeth are pretty sensitive so I use Sensodyne Maximum Strength & Extra Whitening.  It not only whitens, but it also helps with my tooth sensitivity.

3- FLOSS!  I learned a long time ago that flossing is directly responsible for having a crisper, more defined smile.  So not only do I floss several times a week (who has the time to do it every day!), but I also carry dental picks with me at all times so I hit them every day.  I ALWAYS use a dental pic to go around my front teeth before a competition, a photoshoot, or anywhere that I know it’s critical I have a crisp, clear smile.  You can tell if someone doesn’t floss just by looking at their teeth if they look fuzzy.  Don’t be one of those people!  And be careful about using dental picks too much though, because you can transport bacteria to different parts of your mouth by not using fresh floss on each tooth.

4- Eat healthy foods.  This is something you’d expect from this blog.  But seriously, the foods you eat will break down the enamel on your teeth.  My sister-in-law is a dentist in South Africa and recently told me that of all the people she sees, those with the healthiest teeth are the people who can’t afford to eat processed, sugary foods.  She says they NEVER have cavities, because they don’t have access to unhealthy, unprocessed foods.  Here in The States, the cheapest foods tend to be the unhealthiest.  But in poorer nations, the poorest people frequently have the best teeth!  I recognize this evidence is simply anecdotal, but don’t act like you’ve never heard anyone tell you that sugar would rot your teeth.

5- Don’t drink staining fluids.  Wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks…  I don’t drink any of it.  You can always tell the red wine drinkers at parties because by the end of the night their teeth are always red or blue or anything other than white.  That’s just one night, and red wine is just stronger than coffee and soft drinks.  But you can’t act surprised when told that they stain your teeth.  So if you really want a whiter smile cut back, or cut out.

6- Don’t smoke.  If you need an explanation for why smoking stains your teeth, you need greater help than this blog post can give you…

7- Get a tan.  This may sound silly, but my teeth always look their whitest when my skin is its darkest compared to my teeth.  Without fail, a couple of days after I’ve gotten some sun, someone will approach me and ask if I’ve bleached my teeth because they look so white.  Nope, everything else just got darker.

8- Drink bottled water.  When you drink municipal water, you’re also drinking the chemicals the water was treated with.  Many of those chemicals bind to your enamel and cause issues.  For example, in South Texas, if you drink public drinking water you won’t have as good of results if you bleach your teeth with over-over-the-counter strips, and you’ll have to use something a little more hardcore.

9- Get a cleaning.  I LOVE the feeling I get when my tongue can run along the insides of freshly cleaned teeth.  Yet it amazes me when I have conversations with adults who haven’t been to the dentist in a year.  You don’t have dental insurance?  Neither do I.  But having teeth is something that’s so critically important to me that I’ll work into my budget to spend $150 on seeing a dentist once a year.  You’ll never get your teeth as clean as a dental hygienist will.  And if you have any problems with your teeth, the dentist can identify them early and end up saving you a LOT of money in the long run.

10- When all else fails, bleach those little f***ers!  There are many different options of how to bleach your teeth.  You can use over-the-counter strips.  You can use bleaching trays.  You can even use UV light.  There are all sorts of options, pick one that’s financially viable and go with it.

There are many things you can do to help get a whiter smile.  But if you’re not doing them consistently, you’re wasting your time.

Do you do anything special to keep your teeth white that I’ve missed?  Comment below.

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