8 Ingredients to Enhance Greek Yogurt’s Flavor

Eric February 3, 2011

We’ve extolled the merits of Greek yogurt in the past. Its higher protein and lower carb content make it a better choice than regular yogurt as both a recipe ingredient as well as a standalone snack. The standalone part can be a bit problematic for those with discerning palates like me.

Let’s face it: Greek yogurt doesn’t taste all that great by itself.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to jazz up this a-bit-too-tangy-on-its-own superfood and turn it into something that does your body and your taste buds good. Hit the break for a list of low- and no-carb additives to enhance the flavor of your Greek yogurt and some ideas on combining some of these items to make you crave it!

1.) Berries. Compared to other fruits, berries tend to be higher in nutrients and lower in carbs (10 raspberries, for example, is just 2 grams of carbs, but is loaded with vitamins A, B-group, C, E, and K as well as essential minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium).

2.) Lemon juice. I find that a few drops of lemon juice really helps direct that “tang” of Greek yogurt into a more pleasant, citrus-like flavor.

3.) Sugar substitute (Splenda, Truvia, etc.). A good sugar-free sweetener will turn your Greek yogurt into a sweet treat without piling on the carbs.

4.) Sugar-free maple syrup. This pantry favorite of mine is another good way to add both sweetness and a caramel-like flavor to your yogurt.

5.) Nuts. Unsalted almonds, walnuts, and cashews will add healthy fats, protein, and a satisfying “crunch”.

6.) Protein powder. A nicely flavored protein powder mixes oh-so-well with Greek yogurt, ups the protein content, and can be easily complemented by other ingredients, based on your flavor choice and creativity.

7.) Cinnamon. This “little spice that could” not only will give your yogurt a nice punch, but it also helps to boost your metabolism.

8.) Cocoa powder. Add some sugar-free sweetener in with a spoonful of cocoa powder, and you can enjoy a high-protein, low-carb, chocolate-y dessert.

Combining these ingredients in twos and threes can make your Greek yogurt downright delightful. Feeling fruity? Throw in a handful of berries, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a spoonful of Truvia. Want something with a bit more kick and crunch? Try adding a spoonful of sugar free maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon, and a handful of slivered or sliced almonds. Need your chocolate fix? Some chocolate powder, cocoa powder, and some sugar-free sweetener can do the trick without the nutritional guilt trip.

Do you have other great ideas to make your Greek yogurt more palatable? Leave a comment below!

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