Another Hot Bod Squad shout out on the Web!

Eric September 30, 2010

Here’s another Hot Bod Squad shout out, guys and gals! This one comes from Deb Bixler, a health and nutrition guru who shares her wealth of wellness knowledge via professional speaking and a strong Internet presence. Deb makes it her business to know about and post about other fitness and nutrition blogs on the Web, and she posts reviews on such sites at Best Blog Review.

You can find Deb’s opinion of the Hot Bod Squad here. My favorite part? She called Eric and me “handsome”. 🙂 She also had some very kind words about our fun and sexy spin on sharing fitness and nutrition ideas with the world. Take it from her—our tips are legit yo!

Deb also has her own nutrition-oriented website dedicated to healthy eating, cooking, and living. One of the many gems in her knowledge base is a great article to help you boost your metabolism. She has plenty of other articles related to nutrition as well as tons of healthy recipes. Heck, she even does the occasional cooking video a la Food Network! I’m now considering a similar idea for the Hot Bod Squad’s posted recipes. 🙂 (I’m half-kidding…)

Thanks to Deb for the shout out! We’ve also posted a page with this and other shout outs on the Internet (including last week’s nod from Underwear News Briefs). If you run across any other instances of “The Hot Bod Squad in the Media”, please let us know!

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