Build Muscle During Cardio With Leucine

The Squad July 23, 2012

When doing cardio there’s a fine line between burning fat and burning muscle.  It’s tough finding the right amount of cardio to burn fat, but not doing such intense cardio that you also burn muscle.  Burning muscle while doing cardio becomes counter-productive because you need the muscle to burn fat while you’re resting too!  It might help you to find that balance next time you do your cardio by sipping on a drink that contains leucine.

A recent research study done by the U.S. Army found that subjects who consumed 1.8-3.5 grams of leucine during a cycling session increased muscle protein synthesis by 33%.  This is important to people who are trying to achieve their tone body while doing high intensity cardio because it will help not only to protect muscle while burning fat, but also help to build it.

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