Cover Your Hot Bod and Help Those in Need

Eric February 3, 2011

Our hearts go out to those in Australia who have been battered by nature and floods the last several weeks.  Now, to make it worse they’ve been hit by a category 5 hurricane.

Now our friends over at AussieBum are helping in the relief.  They’re offering the Q.L.D. Flood Relief Brief (pictured above).  One-hundred percent of the money raised from the sale of these briefs will be donated to those affected by the severe floods in Australia.  If you’re not a briefs guy, they also come in a square-cut also.  Colors are available in toowoomba (blue) and ipswitch (yellow).  The briefs are only $13.61 USD and the square-cut is only $14.62 USD.  Best part: AussieBum offers FREE worldwide shipping!

Buy several pair and help those in need by clicking here: Q.L.D. Flood Relief Brief .

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