Eleven Tips to Taking The Perfect Shirtless Mirror Pic

Eric October 3, 2011

Let’s be honest.  You’ve done a lot of hard work to get where you are, and now you want to show off your assets.  You need the perfect pic to attract potential mates, and here are eleven tips to taking it.  Please note that the purpose of this post is to help you portray your body in its best light, not to mislead anyone into thinking you look different than you actually do.

1. Understand your strengths.  When taking that pic, it’s all about showing your strong points, and editing the weak points.  If you have a jacked up face, don’t show it.  If you have a 4 pack, and not an 8 pack, crop the photo to show only what you want people to see.  If you have muscular thighs, show them.  If you’re fat, cover that shit up!

2. Lighting.  In any photoshoot the lighting is critical to achieving the desired look.  Your shoot should be no different.  The perfect lighting casts shadows.  This is achieved by cascading light across your body, not lighting it straight on.  Down light and up light are the best because of the shadows they create in the contours of your body.  But remember that this lighting has the potential to make your face look gnarly because of the strong shadows it will create.  Mess around with different lighting to see what effects it will create.

3. Use the right camera.  If you’re still using your moms old cell phone, it’s time to upgrade.

4. Angles. Understanding your angles is just as understanding lighting to achieve the look you want to portray.  If you want to look cocky, lean your head back.  If you want to look more feminine, lean your chin forward.  If you have a stronger side, make sure that’s the side that’s showing.  If you have jowls, push your chin forward to stretch that skin so it’s not hanging!  If you want to slim your waste, photograph it at an angle.  And if you want a taper, dont’ stand straight on with the camera.  And also, where you hold the phone effects how you look.

5. Clean the F#cking mirror!  If I see another mirror pic online with a dirty mirror, I’m gonna lose it.  Taking a picture in a dirty mirror shows that you either live with your mother, or when you did she didn’t teach you basic hygeine.  What kind of image are you trying to portray here?  Also, clean your bathroom counter or bedroom.  Make sure everything that shows in the pic, is part of the image you want to portray.

6. Take enough pics to find one that you like.  In any photoshoot, they take hundreds of pics.  I’m not suggesting you need to take that many pics in your mirror, but don’t limit yourself to only one image.  Which brings us to the next tip:

7. Variety.  Don’t do the same pose every time in every picture.  Experiment with different angles and see how they look.

8. Flex!  Flex your muscles.  Let all the air out of your lungs when flexing your abs and you’ll get deeper ridges between them.  Remember, it’s all about creating angles, and looking good.

9. Don’t make a stupid face!  Your body could look incredible, but if you look like you’re in pain while you’re taking the pic, you’ve sabotaged yourself in your quest to look hot.

10. Don’t share any pics you don’t want others to see.  Remember, any pics you share will inevitably end up elsewhere for everyone to see.  So if you don’t want anyone to see something, DON’T SHOW IT!

11. Most importantly of all- NEVER TAKE YOURSELF SERIOUSLY!  Life is short- have fun!

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