Get Rid Of Your Chicken Legs: Part 1

The Squad August 24, 2012

We can all agree that there is an epidemic of chicken legs in our gyms.  The ongoing joke in the NPC is that if a guy doesn’t have good legs, he’s a perfect fit for Men’s Physique because of the board shorts.  If you’re someone who doesn’t have legs worked into your routine, regardless of how awesome you think your biceps and chest is, this post is for you.

As one of the guys out there whose legs are actually symmetrical with the rest of their body, it’s become my new goal to rid the world of chicken legs on muscular guys.

For the first tip, I’m going to share with you a small trick to help create a ‘sweep’ in your quads- which is when the outside sweeps out and creates the bubbled look on the outside of the leg.

Before I explain the tip, a little about your thighs:  Your thighs have a large number of muscles running through them, and in order to effectively grow your thigh you have to grow each of those muscles.  We’re going to focus on the quadriceps, which consists of 4 muscles– thus the name.  Only 3 of the muscles are visible on the surface.

This tip is for the vastus lateralis, or the or the part of the thigh that’s on the outer front part of the upper leg.

If you’re trying to hit that specific muscle, a great way is to do a weighted one-leg extension.  Do the extension like you would normally, except as you approach the top, twist your toes to point inward toward the midline of your body.  Doing this will force the weight bearing pressure into the vastus lateralis and help you to focus on it.

When doing this adjustment, be sure NOT to lift your hips as you rotate your foot.  KEEP THEM SQUARE!  Having big thighs isn’t worth messing up other joints and muscles.

Stay tuned for our other tips on how to get rid of your chicken legs!

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