Love Your Knees

Eric October 11, 2011


If you’re someone, like me, who has knee problems, trying to build up your thighs without compromising your knees proves challenging.  Here are a couple of rules to follow to keep your knees working and healthy, and show them the love they deserve.

1. If you ever feel pain in your knee during exercise, stop what you’re doing immediately.  Don’t chance it.  Your knees are far too important to mess around with the possibility of injuring them.

2. Strengthen your knees by developing ALL of the muscles around them.  Also focus on developing them in all planes of motion.  In other words, don’t just always focus on forward movement.  Also do side-to-side movement and backwards movement.  You’ll use the muscles differently than you’re used to, and better develop the muscles to stabilize your knees.

3. Never let knee pain last longer than a couple of weeks without consulting a doctor.  Your knees are far too important to put off a cure for a potential problem.  And when it comes to a joint as important as your knee, prevention is far easier than rehabilitation.

4. If you’re recovering from a knee injury don’t do squats, lunges, or knee extensions.  Don’t load weight on your knees with your legs bent.  The right exercise for those recovering from an injury who still want to lift weight, is straight-leg raises.  Many rehabilitation programs will have recoverees do extensions, etc., but you don’t want to load weights on it until your knee is entirely healed.

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