My New Favorite Shorts

The Squad January 26, 2014


Recently, I took a trip to South Africa.  It was possibly the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.  Though it was the middle of the winter here in the States, it was the height of summer in Cape Town.  When I was packing, I had to keep this in mind.

I packed probably 5 or 6 pairs of shorts for the 2 week trip, and several pairs of pants.  But I ended up just wearing two or three pairs.  The one I wore the most was my new ES Collection Basic Short Jean.  They were so comfortable, I just kept falling back on them when I needed to put on something to wear.

I got them for several photoshoots I had recently, but didn’t end up using them for the pictures.  I was hesitant to even take them on the trip, and thought I should probably save them for my next shoots.  But I’m glad I took them, because they ended up being the one thing that I wore the most!  Don’t believe me?  You can even see on my FB photo album of the trip: South Africa – January 2014.

You can get these shorts at the ES Collection Online Store,
or US shoppers can try the ES Collection US Online Store.

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