New Energy Supplement: Spirodex

Eric March 28, 2011

I was recently given a couple of samples of Spirodex, and asked to take it and share my thoughts.  As with any new supplement, I was pretty skeptical.  But after trying it, I’m a believer.  I love my energy drinks, and this pill has the potential to entirely replace them for me.  It’s recommended for once-a-day use and it helps you stay motivated during workouts, suppresses your appetite, and gives you the energy to make it through the day- without crashing at some point.  Basically, this pill is an over-the-counter form of Aderall, the brand-name drug used to treat ADHD.

Read what the Gaspari Team says about Spirodex:

The research team at Gaspari Nutrition has done it again with SPIRODEX – a product destined to become the “King of Mood Enhancing Stimulant Dietary Supplements.” By using standardized herbal analogs of the actual neurotransmitters found naturally in your Central Nervous System that are responsible for pleasure, alertness and appetite suppression, SPIRODEX is guaranteed to provide you with an intense feeling of mood enhancement, mental clarity and energy; all in a convenient, once-per-day dose with absolutely no crash or annoying “hang over” effect. We are extremely confident, once you try SPIRODEX™ you’ll immediately know what it does and why you like it … a lot!

Everyone needs to try this supplement.  Click here to get it at a ridiculous discount and only pay $.50/pill: Spirodex.

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