Q&A: Weight of Muscle/Fat & Gaining Size

Eric January 13, 2011

Q: Concerning BMI, what is the ratio of what muscle weighs to what fat weighs?  Everyone knows that protein weighs more than fat, but I wonder if there is a quantitative ratio?

– Rodney

A: Muscle density is 1.06 g/ml and fat is roughly 0.9 g/ml.  Thus, one liter of muscle would weigh 1.06 kg and one liter of fat would weigh 0.9 kg.  So muscle is about 18% more dense than fat.  However, you should be aware that someone’s BMI, or Body Mass Index,  is never a measurement I use to track their progress unless they are clinically obese.  The problem with ones BMI is that it doesn’t take into account body composition which is really the ultimate tracker in health.  A better way to measure your progress is to track your body fat percentage and consider that in relation to your total body weight.  If you start a program knowing that you have 40 pounds of fat and down the road you have 30 but only lost 5 pounds, then you know that you gained 5 pounds of lean body mass while losing 10 pounds of fat.

– The Hot Bod Squad

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Q: I’m a thin person and it’s not by not eating, i eat toooooo much, but i never get fat. i’m sedentary, the only sport i do is drink…. I’m going to start going to the gym. What product would you recommend to take to gain muscle mass?  I’ve heard that isopure Mass is a good product, but I would like to hear your recommendation.

– Juan Carlos – Colombia

A: Juan Carlos, check back with this HBS post on how to gain weight and muscle: Common Misconceptions: Lifting Heavy Weights Will Make you Bulky.  You should increase your calories, even if you have a high metabolism.  I’d suggest a weight gainer protein shake that’s packed with calories.  Try BSN’s True Mass.  It’s a matter of eating more calories to gain weight.  Also, if you’re drinking while trying to gain weight be aware that it will cause you to gain more fat than normal.  (What alcohol does to fat storage will be in an upcoming post.)

– The Hot Bod Squad

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