Stretching and My New Favorite Stretch: Prone Scorpion

Eric October 8, 2010

I’ve really been focusing on increasing my flexibility lately, so I’ve naturally been focusing on doing a full range of motion in all exercises but also I’ve been doing a lot of stretching.

No one would argue that stretching is beneficial to the body.  Click here for a great article on stretching.  Here are some of the benefits listed:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Increased range of movement in the joints
  • Enhanced muscular coordination
  • Increased circulation of the blood to various parts of the body
  • Increased energy levels (resulting from increased circulation)

While searching for new stretches, I happened across this gem: the Prone Scorpion.

To get directions on how to do the stretch, skip ahead after the jump…

To do Prone Scorpion lie down prone (on your stomach) and spread your arms.  For comfort, do this exercise on a mat.  The goal of the stretch is to try to reach your foot to the hand on the opposite side.  You can do variances of the stretch by keeping both shoulders touching the mat, trying to touch your heel to the ground, and varying where on the opposite side your foot is aimed.  Stretch it out, and hold it for 60 seconds to do a static stretch.  To do Prone Scorpion as an active stretch switch from side to side as you perform the stretch, and touch fifteen times on each side.

It’s a great stretch for the muscles in your lower back, your quads, your hip flexors, the abs, abdominis rectus, and the obliques.  Try it out, it’s pretty easy and feels incredible!

(Here’s an image of Prone Scorpion to help you get the idea of how to do it.)

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