The Problem With Bodybuilding Today

The Squad April 16, 2014

Zyzz' transformation

Zyzz’ transformation

Odds are that if you have a girlfriend, you don’t know who Zyzz is.  Bro’s have been making no homo love to him ever since he died in Thailand in 2011 of a massive heart attack.

So who is Zyzz?

Zyzz was a personal trainer and part-time stripper, born Aziz Shavershian in Russia, and lived in Australia- with horrible hair.  A lot of ‘natural’ competitors in Australia will take a drug holiday to Thailand for a month where they’ll do ridiculous amounts of steroids and pack on a ton of muscle for a month.  Then they’ll return home and lose the size.  But as they’re training, because they initially gained the size, the muscle memory will kick in and they can get the size again while testing negative for steroids as a ‘natural’ athlete.

It’s rumored that Zyzz was on one of these drug holidays when he visited a bathhouse spa and his heart basically exploded.  It’s a horribly tragic thing, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m making light of his tragic death.

The point that I’m making is that Zyzz was nobody of notoriety in bodybuilding, yet he’s been immortalized by people who know nothing about the sport of bodybuilding as the ‘Father of Aesthetics.”  Zyzz was always working on his ‘aesthetics,’ and if you’ve ever heard a douchebag talk about his aesthetics, you can thank Zyzz.  (Real people in the sport call it symmetry.)  Don’t get me wrong, he had a great physique- but Bob Paris is the father of symmetry.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, even MySpace have all contributed to this horribly arrogant mentality that if you post a selfie and people like it… well, then you must be some pretty hot shit.  The more likes, the more it feeds these horribly fragile egos.  And if you tell people how hot you are with your #hashtags, well all the better.  (If you’re not sure about this type of person, check out our recent post about The Bro.)

Recently, someone sent me a pic that someone had posted on Instagram about how hot he was and who wanted to make him the object of their ‘Mancrush Monday.’  They sent me this because we had recently talked about the rampant arrogance, yet horribly delicate egos, that accompany many Instagram selfies.  (Not all.  Some are actually pretty motivational and inspiring.)

I took the pic and blurred his face, his name, and left only this horribly arrogant writing visible, and posted it saying how the selfie has ruined the world and this mentality was disgusting.  Someone recognized the blurred pic and told him I had posted it attacking him, and he commented on the pic that I’m a nobody, his 17,000 followers on Instagram is a much higher status symbol than my 12,000 (yeah, seriously), and who am I with my ‘so-called photoshoots’ to think I know anything about the world of social media, because he gets a thousand likes on pictures he posts in his underwear, so he’s so much better than me.  (Yeah, the douchebaggery was pretty thick.)

Bob Paris: The most aesthetic physique in bodybuilding

Bob Paris: The most symmetric physique in bodybuilding- and a TRUE role model

The point is, anyone who can throw a freethrow is not Michael Jordan.  Anyone who can kick a football (soccer, for you A-Mer-cuns) is not Pele.  Anyone who can punch isn’t Muhammad Ali.  And anyone who has abs, followers on instagram, and something to say about nutrition and lifting isn’t Arnold.

I will admit, that even with my knowledge of the sport and the fitness industry, I recognize that I’m still a nobody in this sport.  I’m still just a national level competitor in the NPC- I haven’t even won the right to compete in the IFBB with the big boys, let alone step on stage at the Olympia!  But social media and our obsession with ourselves on Instagram has made us think that everyone who has anything to say about fitness has a valid point to make.  Yes, even Richard Simmons made millions because there was a niche market for his tips.  But nobody would argue that the millions of dollars he made “Sweating to the Oldies” made him ‘aesthetic as fuck.’

I guess if I don’t actually come out and say what the problem with bodybuilding today is, then this is just a bitching session. The problem is the self-absorbed mentality that so many people who are looked up to in the sport have. Many of those people though, would never pass even the most minor of scrutinies In the actual sport. Basically what I’m saying, and I’m not attacking Zyzz (as if that will stay the hate mail from the bro’s), is that arrogance and haughtiness is watering down the truly inspirational sport of bodybuilding with douchebaggery.  Zyzz is just the perfect example of this problem.  I’m sure his family and friends loved him very much.  But he was no one of importance in the fitness industry, with not that great of aesthetics, (or symmetry, as people in the sport actually call it) who’s been immortalized in the fitness world because he didn’t live long enough to show his lack of understanding of this sport.  And instead, he’s become the poster child of this ‘aesthetics’ movement, while at the same time becoming the poster child for an awful lot of douchebaggery.

My fear is that even pointing out this problem makes me just as much of an arrogant douche as the mindset that I’m hoping to stop.  I should be clear that what I’m saying here is specifically geared to the world of bodybuilding.  There are many people who are great fitness professionals who’ve never even competed or have, aren’t arrogant at all, and are great role models for people looking to get into shape.

If you want someone to look up to in this sport though, look at the pro’s who have persevered and made something of themselves.  Don’t use as your fitness role models, the people who only have notoriety because they post a shirtless pic of their bulge every other day on instagram.

And stop with the selfies before AND after your workout!

– The Squad

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