The Wait Is Over: Now Accepting Online Clients

The Squad September 8, 2013

Hot Bod 10 week programAfter hundreds of requests, we’re finally making it happen!  I’m taking 10 online clients for a 10 week program.  Because I have already had so much interest in this, I won’t be able to fit everyone that wants into my schedule.  This will be a no nonsense, serious 10 week program.  I also want to make it clear that this program is NOT to prep anyone for any competitions they have coming up.  And please do not vocalize interest if you’re not serious and willing to do what I direct.

Your program will include nutrition, workout, and cardiovascular direction from me based off your specific goals and health needs; supplementation based on where your diet is lacking; and a Skype session with me once a week for direction and changes.

Again, I can not stress enough how I will only be taking serious clients.  This will be a tough program, but if you do everything I direct, you WILL see results.

If you’re interested, please email me at with a current front, back, and side pic- shirtless or in a sports bra.  Don’t worry, this pic is just for me to gauge what we need to do.  Please include any health issues so I can know what we’re up against.  Rates start at $500 for the training program and go up from there. Please be patient with me as I will get a large response to this and it will take some time to get through them all.

– The Squad

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