Use Hot Peppers to Douse Your Cold

Eric November 15, 2010

With cold and flu season here, I figured I’d post a topic that will not only help you burn extra calories (see Ten Tips to Burn Extra Calories) but will also help you fight off that nasty cold!

If you’re burdened with breathing difficulties from sinus and chest congestion, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments, peppers provide relief.  The ancient Mayans used peppers for pain, sore throats, coughs, and asthma.  And in the 1600’s Europeans used peppers for treating ulcers and various digestive problems.

All varieties of peppers (sweet, bell, chili, jalapeno, cayenne, etc.) contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits.  The C in peppers acts as an antihistamine to help breathing.  And a substance that makes chili peppers hot – capsaicin – helps flush out the respiratory system by making the body release fluid that washes away mucus and makes breathing easier.

So when you feel yourself coming down with something this winter and you’re looking for comfort food, reach for a hot pepper!

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