Utilize the Bosu Ball for an Incredible Ab Workout

Eric January 14, 2011

If you’ve seen that odd looking blue ball thing in the corner of your gym and don’t know what it is, you’re seriously missing out.  It’s called a Bosu Ball, and it’s incredible!

Next time you work abs, instead of grabbing a floor mat, grab the Bosu ball.  Doing bicycle crunches (as shown in the picture) will kick your butt!  If your core isn’t strong enough to balance yet, try keeping the foot from the extended leg on the ground while doing the rest of the movement.

Try doing crunches with the ball on the small of your back, butt almost on the floor, and feet planted in front of you.  As you do the crunch, push your lower back into the ball.

Here’s a link of how to do various other exercises utilizing the Bosu ball.

Do you have a favorite Bosu exercise?  Post it in the comments!

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